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Торификация gpg: где найти how to?

На сайте тора сказано:

Torifying GnuPG on GNU/Linux
It is very likely both Tor and GnuPG will be in your distributions repositories. If you do not already have them installed, please refer to the documentation for your OS for more information on the packages.
Torifying GnuPG from the command line is a relatively simple task. Since v2.1, GnuPG uses dirmngr to facilitate communication with keyservers. To quote the documentation directly:
"The option switches Dirmngr and thus GnuPG into “Tor mode” to route all network access via the Tor Network. Certain other features are disabled in this mode. The effect of cannot be overridden by any other command or even be reloading gpg-agent. The use of disables the use of Tor. The default is to use Tor if it is available on startup or after reloading dirmngr."

Another option is to insert use-tor into the file.
For further information on dirmngr options in GnuPG, see ​this section of their official documentation.

И дана ссылка на руководство
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Но ничего не добился, выдаёт

gpg: keyserver receive failed: Server indicated a failure

Где можно найти простое how to с командами, которые нужно вводить?

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gpg сам обращается к демону Tor, поэтому torsocks не нужен.

Попробуйте остановить демон Tor. Тогда gpg должен выдать ошибку.
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