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ICReach. Поисковая система от АНБ

Агентство национальной безопасности (NSA) США разработало собственную поисковую систему наподобие, к которой имеют доступ более двух десятков силовых струтур, включая FBI, CIA, Управление по борьбе с наркотиками (Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA), Центр правительственной связи (GCHQ) Великобритании, Управление радиотехнической обороны (DSD) Австралии.

Об этом сообщило издание The Intercept со ссылкой на новые секретные документы, обнародованные Эдвардом Сноуденом (Edward Snowden).

База данных поисковой системы ICREACH содержит миллиарды записей метаданных, касающихся частных сеансов связи иностранных граждан и миллионы записей, касающихся граждан США, к которым не были предъявлены какие-либо обвинения

Помимо силовых структур США, доступ к ICREACH имели страны-партнеры, входящие в группу Five Eyes: Канада, Великобритания, Новая Зеландия и Австралия.

  • Людей на земле: 7 миллиардов
  • Секунд прошло с момента рождения Иисуса Христа: 61 миллиард ( 2014 * 354.37 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 61,663,781,952 )
  • Запросов к поисковой системе Google в месяц: 100 миллиардов
  • Проданных Гамбургеров в McDonalds: 300 миллиардов
  • Звёзд в галактике Млечный Путь: 400 миллиардов
  • Записей в поисковой системе ICREACH: 850 миллиардов


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Legal experts ... are concerned that law enforcement authorities might use it for domestic investigations that are not related to terrorism.

enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the DEA were among those with access to the NSA’s surveillance troves.

The NSA planned to use the new system to perform more advanced kinds of surveillance—such as “pattern of life analysis,” which involves monitoring who individuals communicate with and the places they visit over a period of several months, in order to observe their habits and predict future behavior.

the number of personnel accessing the system may have increased since the 2010 reference to more than 1,000 analysts.

NSA recently sought new funding to upgrade ICREACH to “provide IC analysts with access to a wider set of shareable data.”

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Terrorism, official US definition: The deliberate targeting of civilians to achieve a political goal.
Terrorism, candid definition: Violence carried out by Muslims who are not working for the US and its allies.
Terrorism, actual definition: A wide range of violence which includes military actions of the US and its allies.

Metadata, official US definition: Depersonalized numbers used to catch terrorists
Metadata, candid definition: Highly revealing data used to populate invasive databases
Metadata, actual definition: Your deeply private secrets, including content, available to the government for all time and for any purpose they decide on.

I’m happy that finally someone leaked information about ICReach and it wasn’t me. I’ve been a developer for a subcontractor (EDAQS) that developed parts of the analysis tools. ICReach is far more complex than what media is broadcasting and not just an NSA search tool. It doesn’t only affect the US but the whole world, with focusing on the US and Europe and sick predictive mathematical algorithms. You can’t imagine what is going on behind the curtain. ICReach is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve witnessed and worked on systems that simulate whole economic systems and shit.

For example, we in Canada had a number of our citizens and landed immigrants abducted by the U.S. and shipped to torturers in far off countries. Our police were intimately involved, perhaps even initiating the action. They even had the brass to send questions to the torturers in at least some instances. Whenever questioned regarding the evidence that prompted their confidence that they had actually identified a really bad guy, they played the ‘respect for police’ card, saying that it was all secret and that we’d just have to trust their judgement. Well, it turned out that they had nothing, except bad judgement, and we now have paid out or will pay out huge sums to these poor saps that these cowboys set upon.

Short of having an implant reporting 24/7 our location, this is about as invasive as it gets.

I wonder if Euro-style “right to be forgotten” requests work with these guys. Probably not.
‘Right to be Forgotten Requests’ are one of the NSA’s favorite metadata tags, except they call them ‘Items for Permanent Retention’.

Тул развивается с 2005-го года и в работе с 2006-го года.

Remember, when you were little and your mom always told you it was nice to share? I don't know about you, but sometimes in the intervenning years it seems we forget about that little axiom. Recently those of us who are member of the Intelligence Community (IC) have been advised that we have to do a lot more sharing. // Стр. 41.

For several years prior, NSA had been providing SIGINT-derived signalling information to CIA and DEA to support multi-agency counter narcotics analysis, as approved by DDO, OGC, and the Office of Policy. Calling data from several Latin American collectors, and from Thailand, had been of grate value to the DEA and to the DCI Crime and Narcotics Center, and there were no adverse operational or legal impacts to NSA // Стр. 46.
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