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Ricochet вместо Torchat

Оказывается, идея торчата живёт в другой реинкарнации: пока ведёт на Githab, есть описание в вики:

Originally called Torsion IM, Ricochet was renamed in 2014-June. Ricochet is a modern alternative to TorChat, which hasn't been updated in several years.

Проект пишет некто, John Brooks неосиливший школу:

Brooks, who is just 22 and a self-taught coder who dropped out of school at 13, was always concerned about privacy and civil liberties.

При этом намекается, что автор — шифрпанк:

“He writes incredible code,” Gray says, “and really thinks like a hacker, even though he doesn’t have a security background.”

“Ricochet is idiot-proof and anonymous.”

To build Ricochet, Brooks patterned his program on something that already existed—TorChat

TorChat had a number of implementation problems when it came out, however, and has largely been abandoned by users and its developers. Brooks vastly improved the concept.

Проект входит в некую группу озабоченных приватностью/анонимностью активистов и уже официально спонсируется: recently got $10,000 from Blueprint for Free Speech, an Australian non-profit, to fund Brooks’ development costs and with that group as a fiscal sponsor now, can also apply for grants as an NGO.

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Атака рикошетом? Не понял, он совместим с TorChat или нет. К сожалению, TorChat стал фактически стандартом, как в своё время ICQ, и от этого никуда не деться.

Из-за этих проблем было бы интересно понять, как использовать такие сервисы без риска для себя. Можно поднять Tor на каком-нибудь удалённом хостинге разве что... к которому коннектиться как к HS, и TorChat (или другой подобный сервис) держать на нём. Правда, с end2end-encryption это (если у других клиентов стоит стандартный TorChat) дружить не будет. ☹
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On October 30th, 2015 arma said:

We love Ricochet. That's why we made sure to point to it in the blog post. Many of us use both Ricochet and Tor Messenger.

The goal for Tor Messenger is to meet people where they are — so you can have more safety on your side, while still interacting with your friends who e.g. use XMPP and OTR but haven't seen the light yet. While the goal of Ricochet (ok, one of the goals) is to give people a chat approach where there's no "middle", and thus no central point for the adversary to break in and snoop on things.

(In fact, we spent a while after the past few weeks trying to sort out whether the name 'Tor Messenger' would confuse people into thinking that we think this is the one true way, and we think approaches like Pond and Ricochet are not the one true way. We don't think that. We like both approaches.)

Whether one day the Tor Messenger client adds support for the Ricochet protocol is still a matter under discussion by the Tor Messenger folks and the Ricochet developer. One reason against is actually because the Ricochet person wants Ricochet to be an experience (i.e. including a client with good usability), not just a standardized protocol that all sorts of apps can implement and present to the user however they want. One argument on the other side though is that Ricochet is going to have a tough time being its own self-contained network, and also still using Qt (and thus not working well on mobile). More thinking to be done there for sure.

As for the "doing it inside Tor Messenger would provide better familiarity with Tor" angle, we've actually brought the main Ricochet person under our umbrella and we're happy to call him a Tor person now. So we help him, and he helps us, just as much as in the Tor Messenger case.

And lastly, on the funding angle, actually neither project has any funding currently. We're working on helping both of them to fix that.

Не всё так плохо.
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