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Libgcrypt-1.2.0 вышла в свет

We are pleased to announce the availability of Libgcrypt 1.2.0, which
is the first stable release of this general purpose crypto library
based on GnuPG code.

Note, that Libgcrypt is neither a replacement for GnuPG nor does it
contain a library version of GnuPG. It is only of interest for
developers of crypto applications with a need for crypto building
blocks available under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Complete source packages:

Patch against version 1.9.94:

Mirrors are listed at

MD5 sums are:

5c508072d8387ce17d1ab05075c2be40 libgcrypt-1.2.0.tar.gz
a1657523beebf926ca7992cc6b9ea9b5 libgcrypt-1.1.94-1.2.0.diff.gz

Except for one bug fix this release is basically equivalent to the
last pre-release.

Thanks to all who have worked on Libgcrypt (and thanks to those who
have worked on other things as well).

Happy hacking.

Moritz Schulte g10 Code GmbH

-=- The GnuPG Experts -=-

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